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Founded in 2017, WingFlying is commited to supplying precise and easy-opertional drone propulsion testing tools and technical support for drone companies, university labs, UAV education, and drone communities. Our goal is to help them design the most efficient and reliable drones.

WingFlying is specializing in drone motor and propeller test, engine test, wind tunnels test. We have developed and offered more than 10 different test equipment for customers to optimize their propulsion system.


Our Business

Motor and Propeller Test Stand

LY-10KGF, LY-30KGF,LY-70KGF and WF-CO-30 Coaxial Thrust Test Stand. We also custom drone test stand with max thrust 500KG, max current 650A and max voltage 650V.

Drone Engine Test

WingFlying started developing engine test equipment in 2018. We have designed 13 test plots for customers. Our engine test equipment have run over 1000 hours safely.

Custom Testing Equipment

We have developed wind tunnels test, propulsion test and big thrust test service for thousands of customers. Contact us to customize your test tools.

Marker Education

Our WF-EDU-01 and WF-EDU-02 test equipment are specially designed for drone Labs, Vacational schools and college to  guide students the process of testing the motors and propellers.

Our Vision

Be the leader in professional and safe drone propulsion system test. Optimize your propulsion system with our precise and professional testing equipment.


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