LY-30KGF Thrust Stand

LY-30KGF Thrust Stand

LY-30KGF motor and propeller test stand is designed to test motors and propellers of medium UAV. It allows you to finish drone torque measuring of 30kg thrust for max 40'' propeller. The test stand will help you to figure out the most efficient drone propulsion system and extend the flight time.

The thrust tester is capable of testing the thrust, torque, voltage, current, RPM, motor and propeller efficiency of your drone propulsion system.

Specification of LY-30KGF Drone Torque Measuring

Suggested Propulsion System5-20kg thrust
Max Thrust30KG
Max Propeller40inch
Torque20 N•M
RPM60-150000 RPM

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MET Software Data Monitoring & Real-Time Display

MET software allows you to monitor the key data and display the data in diagrams.  MET software also comes with the analysis software that allows you to analyze and output the data.

LY-30KGF Thrust Stand

MET-V5 Pro Software Professional & Fully Upgraded

  • Automatic Connection

    Automatic Connection

  • Manual Control + Automatic Test

    Manual Control + Automatic Test

  • Secure Test. Press “Space” on Keybord to lock the throttle in Emergency

    Secure Test. Press “Space” on Keybord to lock the throttle in Emergency

  • Data acquisition and analysis

    Data acquisition and analysis

Manual Control + Throttle Setup

Control your stand automatically or manually 

With quality open-source software, you can control the stand manually or write scripts for custom automatic testing. MET software allows you to automate the test. There are three test modes available to help you measure the key data, increase mode, cycle mode and custom mode. It allows you to do the test manually as well. You can stop the test by pressing "space" on keyboard to lock the throttle in any emergencies.

LY-30KGF Thrust Stand

Automatic Test & User-Defined Software

  • Increase Mode

    Increase Mode

  • Custom Mode

    Custom Mode

  • Cycle Mode

    Cycle Mode

  • Define any throttle point and duration

    Define any throttle point and duration

  • Precision < 0.1S

    Precision < 0.1S

Data Query
(One Click to Record and Export the data)

Auto-Load the latest data

Auto-Load the latest data

Coordinates Display

Coordinates Display

Diagram & Datasheet

Diagram & Datasheet

Zoom in and out the data

Zoom in and out the data

MET Software Automatic Test & User-friendly

Wireless Datalink Optional

LY-30KGF Thrust Stand


1.Low Motor Efficiency or over 100%

(1). Check if current is cleared(refer to Question 5).

(2). Check if you have input correct motor pairs and optical speed. 

(3). There may be interference on torque sensor for some cases, please contact the manufacture.

2.LED indicator

(1) Blue Blinking Slowly:  after powered on test bench, it will flash red and then blue. User will hear "Beep Beep Beep" which indicates "Normal".  

(2) Red Blinking: firmware refreshing or firmware missing;

(3) Solid Purple/Blinking, Red or Blue Blinking, NO indicator Blinking: all these indicate main board failure, please contact manufacturer. 

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