Custom Test Stand

Custom Test Stand

LY-MAX thrust stand and WF-EN- Engine test stand can both customize according to clients' requirement. 

Custom Motor and Propeller Test Stand

  • Max Thrust: 500kg

    Max Thrust: 500kg

  • Max Current:1000A

    Max Current:1000A

  • Max Torque: 300NM

    Max Torque: 300NM

  • Max Sampling Rate: 1000HZ

    Max Sampling Rate: 1000HZ

  • Max Voltage: 1000V

    Max Voltage: 1000V

  • Max Propeller: 3M

    Max Propeller: 3M

Custom Engine Test Stand

  • Max Power:100KW

    Max Power:100KW

  • Max Torque: 300N.M

    Max Torque: 300N.M

  • Max Thrust: 300KG

    Max Thrust: 300KG

  • Max Propeller: 2M

    Max Propeller: 2M

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