LY-10KGF Thrust Stand

LY-10KGF Thrust Stand

10 KGF Drone Test Equipment 

Also named LY-10KGF Drone Test Equipment, is an advanced test tool to measure and record the thrust, torque, voltage, current, RPM, motor and propeller efficiency of your medium-sized propulsion systems. WINGFLYING is a professional drone test stand supplier in China, providing advanced test tools Drone Test Equipment for you.

It is capable of measuring 1-10kg thrust and max torque 5 N•M, which is great to test the propulsion system of medium-sized drones.

Specification of Drone Test Equipment:

Suggested Propulsion System3-6kg thrust
Max Thrust10KG
Max Propeller30inch
Torque5 N•M
RPM60-150000 RPM

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Stand Testing
Minimize Ground Effect

The drone test stand is used with the ground support and stand support which make it easy to complete the assembly. The stand structure will reduce the ground effect and ensure an accurate measurement data.

LY-10KGF Thrust Stand

LY-10KGF Powerful Beyond Imagination

10 KGF WINGFLYING provides comes with everything you need and expect. The Drone Test Equipment will surprise you with its high performance.

  • Dimension 775*585*530mm

    Dimension 775*585*530mm

  • Max Propeller 30inch

    Max Propeller 30inch

  • Max Thrust 10KGF

    Max Thrust 10KGF

  • Torque 5 N.M

    Torque 5 N.M

  • Voltage Range 8~65V

    Voltage Range 8~65V

  • 300-150000RMP


  • Current 0~100A

    Current 0~100A

MET Software Automatic Test&User-friendly

 LY-10KGF Motor Drone Test Equipment works with MET software. MET software is a multi-functional software features with automatic control, real-time data acquisition and display, CSV data output and data analysis. The software will help you define the automatic testing better and improve the propeller efficiency. 

Propeller efficiency is defined as power produced (propeller power) divided by power applied (engine power). In case you are wondering, multiplying "engine hp" by 550 produces the number of ft - lb per second in that number of hp, so as to match the units in the numerator of the equation (8th grade algebra).

Automatic Test & User-Defined Software

Control your stand manually or automatically

The 10 KGF Drone Test Equipment comes with quality open-source software. You can control the Drone Test Equipment manually or write scripts for custom automatic testing

  • Growth Mode

    Growth Mode

  • Custom Mode

    Custom Mode

  • Growth Mode

    Growth Mode

  • Define any throttle point and duration

    Define any throttle point and duration

  • Precision < 0.1S

    Precision < 0.1S

Universal Motor Mount, Compatible with 25-150mm diameter

LY-10KGF Thrust Stand


1. Abnormal Voltage & Fail to Unlock Throttle

(1) It is prohibited to unlock throttle if no propulsion system connected or voltage exceeds the range. 

(2) Unstable data connection : All buttons in yellow but able to see some parameters. Please check data connection or restart the test bench and computer.

2. Current Displays Error(measuring low current)

(1) "Clear Current" before test even if current displays "0". 

(2) Current accuracy of test bench is 0.5% F.S., that is, the 150A sensor accuracy is ±0.75A. Generally, the error is less than 0.1%F.S. at factory calibration. The final error is less than 0.5%F.S  in complicated environment.

3. RPM Sensor Displays Error

(1) Ensure you have input correct motor pairs. (Refer to the “Slot” in Motor Specification ) For example, “36N42P”, the magnetic pole number is 42 and pole pair is 21;

(2) The RPM test may be abnormal if there is a phase failure.

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