Installation & Testing Series Videos of Limbach L550E Engine (Ⅰ)

Jul. 08, 2023

Welcome to watch the teaching video series on the installation and testing of the  Limbach L550E engine. In this episode, we will introduce the installation of the  engine on the test bench, as well as the electrical and oil circuit connections.

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Preparation before engine installation

Firstly, place the Limbach L550E engine on a flat surface and prepare the necessary accessories and tools for installation.

Install the engine on the test bench.

Assemble the four buffer gaskets to the installation position of the buffer gasket on the engine base.

Install the engine mounting base so that the steering gear rod can pass through the hole position of the mount base.

Tighten and connect the engine mounting base and buffer pad with matching bolts.

Install four installation studs on the end plate at the front end of the test bench, and use matching bolts for fastening connections.

Use specialized lifting tools to lift the engine.

Adjust the lifting height of the engine and try to maintain the installation end face of the engine and test bench at the same height as much as possible.

Adjust the engine position to align the engine mounting seat hole with the mounting bolt hole on the test bench.

Use matching bolts for fastening connections.


Attention: If the engine undergoes durability testing (continuous working time exceeds 6 hours, cumulative working time exceeds 30 hours), the fastening bolts should be coated with medium and low strength thread sealant to prevent loosening of the bolts!


The installation of the propeller should keep the heading on the propeller consistent with the aircraft's heading. Assemble using matching installation bolts and propeller pads.

Tighten the bolts in sequence.Attention: When tightening the bolts, tighten them in stages in a diagonal and clockwise direction.

The mechanical connection between the engine and the test bench has been assembled.

Engine electrical control assembly and connection

(1)Installation of servo transmission device (steering gear) for engine throttle:

Install the servo mounting base on the end plate of the test bench head.

Install and fix the steering gear on the steering gear base.

And connect the steering gear rocker arm to the steering gear pull rod.

Connect the servo signal line to the throttle control signal interface of the test bench through an extension cable.


Note: The steering gear rocker arm is installed on the steering gear after the calibration of the steering gear travel, and does not need to be installed before calibration.


(2)Magneto ignition system assembly:

There are two sets of magneto ignition systems, one of which has two spark plug caps that are inserted into the spark plugs on the left and right cylinder blocks in the front of the engine, and pressed into place.

Insert the two spark plug caps of the other magneto ignition system onto the spark plugs on the left and right cylinder blocks at the rear of the engine, and press them into place.

Fix the two sets of magneto ignition systems onto the engine mounting base using ties.    

Connect two grounding wires of magneto ignition system in parallel , add with the extension line of the wire, and use Electrical tape for bonding and sealing.

The other end of the wire extension is connected to the ignition switch, and the red ignition switch is the emergency switch.

Connect the outlet wire of the ignition switch to the engine casing through bolts.

The wiring connection of the ignition switch must meet the requirements of pressing the circuit as a path state and popping it as an open circuit state.

Connect the ignition connectors on the engine to the ignition connectors of the two sets of magneto ignition systems.


(3)Installation of starting motor circuit:    

Connect the positive pole of the power cord to the positive terminal of the starting motor.     

Connect the negative pole of the power cord to the casing of the starting motor.


Through the relay controlling on the path and breaker, we start the motor, connecting the signal control line of the relay to the electric starting switch. The green button represents the electric starting switch button, and the line connection must meet the requirements of pressing it to be in the path state and popping it up to be in the circuit breaker state.


(4)Installation of exhaust funnel:

Install a special gasket for the exhaust pipe at the engine exhaust port, and then assemble the exhaust pipe to the engine exhaust port.

Using nuts to tighten and connect the exhaust pipe.


(5)Oil circuit connection of the Engine:

Install the 4-way oil inlet pipeline on the engine.

Connect the four oil inlet pipes into one and connect them to the oil filter at the outlet of the high precision oil meter sensor.


The installation and electrical and oil circuit connections of the Limbach L550E engine have been completed. Thank you for watching this engine testing and installation video.

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