Unboxing and Assembly Video / LY-30KGF Thrust Stand

May. 08, 2024

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Welcome to this episode of the unboxing and assembly teaching video of LY-30KGF thrust stand. In this episode, we will introduce the assembly and precautions of the LY-30KGF thrust stand.


Place the stand on the desktop.

Open the package, take out the equipment and accessories, put them on the desktop.

Put the head on the desktop.


- Head of the LY-30KGF

- Angle Code

- Braced Aluminum Cross

- Support Module


- Computer end connection cable

- Wireless data transmission sensor

- Connection line of wireless data transmission

- Connection line of commutation speed

- Power adapter

- Wired module

- End connection line of the stand


- Tool Box

- Motor mount

- Installation Bolts of rear output shaft

- Reflective sticker


Place eight M8 spring nuts into the groove of the lower pillar, and slide them to about 10 centimeters from the lower end.


Place the stand upside down on the desktop, place the cross support seat under the head pillar, align the hole position, use M8 * 30 round head bolts, insert the spring pad first, the one with a gap is the spring pad, and then insert the flat pad. 

Connect and fix the cross support seat with the stand’s lower pillar.

Fixed it and lay it flat.

There are four support columns in total. Place two spring nuts on the top, left, and right sides.

Install the long support column into the cross support seat with a slider nut.

Note that adjusting the position of the slider nut while inserting it.

And fix the preinstalled bolt.

Adjust the position of the equipment,

Install the other three support columns in sequence and secure them with pre installed bolts.

After assembly, place the equipment on the desktop. 

Note that the long support should be in the direction of the equipment head, and the short support should be on both sides of the equipment.

Take out the base fixing corner code and place the corner code around the head pillar and the base support pillar.

Adjust the position of the pre installed spring clip nut. 

to correspond to the hole position of the reinforcement corner code,

fix it with round head bolts, and fix all corner codes in sequence.

The assembly of LY-30KGF thrust stand has been completed.


Thank you for watching the Unboxing and Assembly Video of LY-30KGF Thrust Stand!


Unboxing and Assembly Video / LY-30KGF Thrust Stand

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