WF-CO-300KGF Coaxial Thrust Stand Shipped to COMAC for Drone Motor and Propeller Testing

Mar. 15, 2023

We has shipped the WF-CO-300KGF Coaxial thrust stand to our client COMAC in Beijing. The coaxial thrust stand can test the drone motor and propeller on thrust, torque, current, voltage, Optical RPM, motor efficiency, propeller efficiency and system efficiency. 

WF-CO-300KGF Coaxial thrust

Our thrust stand range of WF-CO-300KGF Coaxial thrust stand is 0-300kgf on the thrust, 0-400N.m on the torque, 5-900V on the voltage and 0-300A on the current. For Optical RPM, it is 0-12000RPM and the resolution and accuracy will increase with the number of stickers.

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